thetulepps Fashion is so much fun to explore

thetulepps Fashion is so much fun to explore. You can change how the world sees you, your mood, you’re vibe with just a few pieces of fabric.

When we dress in high fashion pieces it’s almost like we are disguising who we are in our careers as farmers and visa versa when we are dressed in our @bad_northamerica gear ready to work at the farm. A perfect example of “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” as the saying goes. Humans are multifaceted and so are our wardrobes. These two parts of who we are maybe don’t seem like they to go together but so many of the fabrics that can change our outward appearances are brought to life by farmers. We all know cotton fields produce cotton. But, did you know flax fields create linen? Did you know soy products are in multiple cosmetics?

When you think about it that way, farming is an exceptionally huge part of the fashion industry.

We are so thankful you all are here hanging with us on this platform. We are having so much fun meeting new friends and creating with amazing humans like Mercedes of @maisoncorazon.

Fashion: @maisoncorazon
Photos: @ericalophotography
Glam: @fifthwpg @whatsherfacebeauty
Glasses: @gisforglasses

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