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29 Years of Experience

_ a wonderful style

“From discos to museums,
Gufram goes back to its roots with the radical 70s style that made it an icon
not only of design but popular culture in general.
All thanks to collaborations with Atelier Biagetti, Dutch company ROTGANZEN and GGSV from France, who,
drawing on the concept of disco-nostalgia, have produced three ironic collections of objects that hark back to the age of the Dance Floor. Sofas, rugs and furniture in absolute Gufram style decorate a space that is designed to overcome today’s much-abused vintage iconography and make us reflect on the company’s historical relationship with this kind of product, as well as the fleeting value of glamour, forever teetering on that fine line that separates history from fashion and melancholy from the phantom of artistic resurrection”
Luca Toscano Otto – ZERO.EU