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design #BlackDesignVisionaries 🎙️ “I didn’t want to use color when I first started designing,” said @temi.coker, a photographer and designer. “A lot of people will downplay their experiences to fit a trend in design. I tell people to focus on their experiences.” Born in Lagos and now living in Dallas, Temi began incorporating his Nigerian heritage into his work as he experimented more with design — drawing inspiration from the colorful, patterned clothing he grew up with. Today, his work is defined by its vibrant hues, playful shapes and collaging techniques that play with dimension.

In the past couple of years, Temi’s #PosterADay project has helped him observe his own growth, in both his art and career. “I really believe in creating the type of work you want to be hired for,” he said. When it comes to design, he said, ”I never really know what will happen. That’s what I really like about it.“ 🎨

Join Temi, our Black Design Visionaries storyteller, as he goes Live over the coming months in conversation with Black designers and creatives. Temi will go Live 6 times over 6 months to feature up-and-coming Black designers, and lead important conversations about design and the Black design community.